The Way of the Dodo, is about balance — What has been lost, what is in peril, and what may we still be able to recover from the brink of extinction? The dodo bird perfectly embodies the path that we humans may be on if we are not careful. We should not be so lax and irresponsible in our role as stewards of the Earth.

The dissection aspect is symbolic, a metaphor — autopsy on the living. We should investigate cause for peril while we still have a chance to find solutions and before it is too late. Climate change, habitat loss, monoculture and mass agriculture, pesticides, pollutions, and mounting trash are just a few of the ecological problems of the world.

We have largely lost the spiritual connection to the natural world. How do we reconnect? As we spin our wheels, consume, waste, and neglect, species around us disappear from the Earth. The importance of all life is infinite and as significant as our own.

The Way of the Dodo was an environmental art show I did in collaboration with Shawna Ross at the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham.